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HS Visual Habitat is an excellent program created by and for real estate professionals. Thanks to a powerful internal engine and the use of new technology, it facilitates and improves real estate business opportunities.

HS Visual Habitat stands out for its unique features, like the capacity to generate the following with one click: publicity text in five languages (Spanish, Catalan, English, French, and German), a wide range of publicity formats (virtual window displays, catalogs on CD/DVD, ads for magazines and websites, brochures), contracts (deposits, purchase receipts), and property publicity through the Internet on the property portal (, or on your agency's own website.

The program's creator, HabitatSoft, has been leading the market for ten years, and currently offers a wide range of solutions integrated with HS Visual Habitat to cover the necessities of different types of real estate businesses. It can synchronize various offices, establish collaboration between different agencies or franchises by creating basket funds, and more.

HS Visual Habitat is available in 3 versions: HS Visual Habitat FREE, HS Visual Habitat PREMIUM, and HS Visual Habitat ELITE. We recommend that you install the Elite DEMO version to run a complete evaluation of the program's options and capabilities.
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